Ishar is an online text-adventure RPG (commonly called a MUD) set in a large, unique world of fantasy and magic. Players do battle with fearsome foes (and sometimes each other) to win great wealth and wrest rare prizes from the treasure hoards or bloody corpses of their enemies.

Play the game for free by connecting via any MUD client to port 23 or 9999.

Ishar has been open since May 1994 and has dozens of players connected during peak hours

Connect with the community on Discord in our official server .

Some say that the world was formed from the body of the dying Ishar, and that his bones became the mountains and his blood ran from his chest til it collected as the sea. His flowing hair matted into the fields we till and his skin mouldered and fell away as soil. From his sinews and organs sprang the races of dwarves, elves, men, gnomes and all manner of creatures and plants. And from his heart sprang the very gods themselves.

-- Book of Thurvun, 1730